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Started by ErikR, September 01, 2020, 18:57:48 PM

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I do currently financially support Archi from a private account but would like to support it from my company instead but I would like to do it properly from a tax and financial perspective.

My wish-list is something like;
* Pay few times a year, like quarterly or annually. The invoice must be booked and it takes time from the accountant.
* Proper handling of TAX and VAT (within Europe)
* A receiver that is a business entity. (They closed down a Money Transfer in Sweden this week with reference to the strong laws regarding money laundry and being sure not to finance terrorism).
* Proper invoices with the receivers VAT number

For example I would be willing to purchase licenses and finance that way even though the license is never used or verified in the software.

This is ment for met to support Archi as well as being able to allow my clients to continue support it. Some of my clients are public organizations where it will be difficult to support software. I would also like to be able to resell licenses to clients (a lot of business around that I learned, in Sweden there are special contractors taking responsibility of the license handling).

Perhaps this is only me but, well there might be a broader demand as well.


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Erik, thanks for your support!

Just to say that in the UK if one earns less than a certain amount you are not VAT registered (

Nor does one need to be a "registered" business, as you can be a "sole trader" (

Such is my case.

Being a sole trader in the UK is as valid as registering a business. And, as a sole trader, I can issue invoices for donations to Archi, or for contract work, if required and have done so several times for many organisations.

> I would also like to be able to resell licenses to clients

I'm afraid I or anyone else can't resell an open source license unless it is a commercial licence.

Hope that helps,

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Hi, sorry for late reply.

Regarding license for open source,  well you are free to sell open source as you please and you are equally obliged to proves source code on request. That does not change. Ate least GPL and LGPL stipulates this when the software is distrivuted, regardless whether it is payed for. I would say that Red Hat is an example. And CentOS is the fellows that used to request the source code, compile it and make a RedHat clone free of charge.

I have now found a summar of the problem in Sweden; this is a LinkedIn article. Feel free to read;

I will eventually contact you to get some agreement but I would like to have that option for my customers. They will depend on Archi as much as I do.