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Started by DuncanWilliam, June 02, 2020, 10:12:13 AM

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Hi all,

I'm wanting to link a pdf or document of any readable type to certain processes in the various viewpoints. I noticed from previous posts Archi doesn't have build-in features to link local files. Is there perhaps a way I can host my documents and place an image in the Archi views that when clicked it loads the relevant document?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Archi now supports any type of URL, including file:// ones. This means that you can link to local file too (which is usually not a best practice as it will likely work only on your workstation). Such links can be put in documentation and properties.

But you can't create an image (or any other visual object) that opens an external file when clicking on it.


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This works quite nicely with shareable Google Drive links, whereby Google Drive essentially serves as a document management system.