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Started by kkosienski, April 27, 2020, 15:50:01 PM

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Can anyone provide more details on what the following functions provide (eg. local and server impacts) within the change history tab?

- Undo the latest commit  -   My interpretation of this is that if I commited one new change to the model that has not been merged then by selecting this I am essentially deleting that latest commit.

- Extract model from this commit - ?

- Restore to this commit -?

- Reset to the remote commit -?


Phil Beauvoir


I'll try:

- Undo the latest commit
This is the same as the standard git operation. Delete the current commit and roll back to the previous commit. It's not possible to do this if you have published it to the server.

- Extract model from this commit
Create a new Archi model and open it in the Models Tree from a given commit. A bit like a snapshot. The new model is not connected to the repository in any way.

- Restore to this commit
This will take the contents of a given commit and merge/commit it. It's like rolling back to a given point. A commit is done and merged. Merge conflicts may need to be resolved.

- Reset to the remote commit
Reset the current local commit point to the remote commit point.

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