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Started by nexperia_luc, July 20, 2020, 15:20:42 PM

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Hi all,

In version 4.7 of Archi the new possibility is added to make labels for all elements. My question is, is it possible to mass edit / add labels for all elements.
For example, we'd like to show all of our elements like this:

Name: ${name}
Description: ${documentation}
ID: ${property:ID}

Do I need to paste these 3 sentences above into all the elements, or is there a way to 'mass paste' it into all elements? (maybe add a column on the elements export file)
We are working with relatively large models, so mass inputs would be appreciated, but I can't find it as of right now.

Thanks in advance,

Phil Beauvoir

At the moment, editing of multiple label expressions is only possible by selecting the objects in a View and pasting the expression:

- Select and copy the format expression (Ctrl C)
- Select the target objects in the View (but not the original object)
- Paste the expression (Ctrl V)
- Ctrl Enter to complete

In the future, this will be possible in a jArchi script.
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