Archi in a container with novnc

Started by shafiqissani, July 28, 2020, 15:10:09 PM

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Just wanted to show how I use Archi on my chromebook from a web browser.

Supported browser: Chrome 49, Firefox 44, Safari 11, Opera 36, IE 11, Edge 12


Appologies just incase this has been previously discussed.

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for sharing!

Does Archi run quite slowly like this?
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I'd say there is about 5% performance hit. Avoids the UI issues I have with sommelier and the hidpi display.

Another use case, for me personally, is being able to continue my work on any device with a browser when I'm working from home and bored of being caged in the study. Deployed to a box in my homelab I model in the living room on the 4k tv using my rpi4 device and at night using my samsung tab.

A very niche use case I might add.