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Started by gcasier, August 11, 2020, 11:41:21 AM

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Using the Archi Command Line Interface (CLI), I've been trying to automatically get the shared model (in this case on GitLab) and export this to a html version on a daily/weekly basis. I've succeeded in exporting a local model, but accessing the shared model seems a bit more trickier. Are there any examples I can use to achieve this?

As described here:, I can assume it should be possible using SSH authentication, but I can't seem to get the command exactly right. The command line interface doesn't provide me with any feedback, which makes it quite hard to know if I'm getting closer.

Phil Beauvoir

These are the CLI commands that are possible:

   --modelrepository.cloneModel <url>                      Clone a collaboration model from <url> to the <path> set in option
                                                           --modelrepository.loadModel (optional).
   --modelrepository.identityFile <identity file>          Path to SSH identity file (if option modelrepository.cloneModel is used with SSH
   --modelrepository.loadModel <path>                      Load a collaboration model from the given repository folder at <path> (required
                                                           if option --modelrepository.cloneModel is used).
   --modelrepository.passFile <password file>              Path to a file containing the HTTP login password or the password to the SSH
                                                           identity file (required if option --modelrepository.cloneModel is used).
   --modelrepository.userName <userName>                   Online repository login user name (required if option
                                                           --modelrepository.cloneModel is used with HTTP protocol).

So, to clone from a remote to a local folder you want CLI arguments like this:

--modelrepository.cloneModel ""
--modelrepository.loadModel "C:\\MyFolder"
--modelrepository.userName "FredBloggs"
--modelrepository.passFile "C:\\Users\\FredBloggs\\pw.txt"
--modelrepository.identityFile "C:\\Users\\FredBloggs\\.ssh\id_rsa"
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Thank you Phil, I wasn't aware I needed all of the statements above to clone the model.
Works like a charm now!

Phil Beauvoir

I don't think you need --modelrepository.userName if using an SSH identify file.
If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation!