Considering network architecture as a full (sub)infrastructure layer or not ?

Started by michel.wicky, August 18, 2020, 07:32:39 AM

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Hello everybody,

We are modeling a Data Center with some various and complex infrastructure elements, including the networking infrastructure.
The models we want are mostly dedicated to 1) the service desk center for the request/incident management 2) the system and network engineer for problem/change management.
The Data Center is quite complex and include new technology like virtualization, cloud and IoT.

Modeling communication infrastructure by using Archimate seem poorly supported (like mentionned in Chater 28 of Mastering ArchiMate Edition III.TC1).
Considering the communication infrastructure as a technology (sub)layer is a way to better match with current state of the art of the technology.

Do you agree with this statement ?
Do you see this approach to complicated ? too detailed ?
Do you think we have to combined both, I mean synthetize the network architecture by using communication network and path element in the system architecture views and use detailed specific network infrastructure and technology logic views dedicated for networking ?
Do you think modelize network at a detailed level as nothing to do with Enterprise Architecture, as describing a software design by example ?

Do you have some experiences too share in this area ?
Thanks in advance for sharing.