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Started by sianvanes, August 18, 2020, 16:26:43 PM

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Can anyone help me? I've been asked to change element types as I constructed architecture building blocks using Application Components while I on reflection at a high level of abstraction these should be Application Functions.

So I did an export into csv, copied the correct type "ApplicationFunction" from one I created earlier and changed the ApplicationComponent elements. Tried to reimport into the Model and received an error "Error Importing: Found concept with same id but different class: EAID_277A549A_CD87_4955_93D3_96A659FC751A

I can export into Open Exchange File, import into Sparx EA, export elements to csv from the containing folder, make changes, reimport to Sparx then via Open Exchange I export from Sparx, import into Archi and bingo! done! However, this is a bit of a faff.

Is there another way?

best regards
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Eric Vendeville

Hello, "why make things simple when we can make them complicated?" ?  :D

Maybe you should have a look and try this Archi script, shared by JB :

It will make your life much easier !  ;D

PS: installation and usage of the script are explained at the end of the page, in the comments ;)

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Sian,

at the moment this is not implemented natively and the only way to do this is with a jArchi script.

An example of this is found here -

Basically you would need to install jArchi, create a new script, copy and paste the the script above, save it and then select the objects and run the script.

See this issue - - it also applies to changing element type.
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