Merging Models with JArchi

Started by bigyin, July 22, 2020, 09:25:38 AM

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Is it possible using JArchi to import models. I know that you can load into tree etc, but can see import.

I want to be able to:
- Start new workspace or Close all open models in the workspace
- Start new model prompt for naming etc
- Save New Model using name
- Import (Load in) 1-N base models
- Save as a start for a project.

If there is a better way .. open to ideas

Phil Beauvoir

Do you mean the new Model Import/Merge feature introduced in Archi 4.7? If so, that is not implemented in jArchi. Actually, because of the way Undo/Redo works that would have to be re-written for jArchi.
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Yes that is what I was hoping to emulate by script