Object resizing impact on connections in views

Started by Joel01, October 27, 2020, 13:17:38 PM

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Hello members,
First I want to congratulate the owners for their work.  This is great job, Thank a lot!

Now, I wan't to communicate the folowing.
I have some problemes whith my views and connections when I want to resize an element. For exemple, I do a lot of archimate views with Applications and Flows connections. When I want to resize an application in order to add one more flow, it appears that all the others flow connections are mooving also, so that I have to reorganize my entire view. This take a lot's of time.
The same issue has been solved when archi object include other archi objects in a view, and when the parent is resized. The child used to moove also. Now the children do not moove any-more, and I'm vrey greatfull to this! Thank's a lot.

Another point, is that, when a connection has been mooved, it is hard to moove it again. I have to reinitialize its positions and then I can moove it again.

Do you know if this has already been reported? Should I report this in GIT?

Thank's for you response

Phil Beauvoir

Some of the alignment aspects of connections are not perfect, but we're trying to improve things. We're aware of the issues that need looking at.
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