The plugin CarTool allow you to import Library of specifications (e.g.ELIS)

Started by CAMSSTeam, November 30, 2020, 10:21:53 AM

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Hello all, 

As it has been already mentioned in other posts within the forum (e.g. The CarTool (Archi plugin) now let's you import your reference architectures):

"The Cartography Tool (CarTool) brings together high level support for the EIRA as a plug-in for the popular ArchiMate modelling tool ArchiĀ®. It includes both editing features, to model solutions using the EIRA, and querying features to query an EIRA-based Cartography of solutions".

It is worth to note that Archi allows to import libraries of specifications like it is the ELIS, which stands for EIRA Library of Interoperability Specifications So, it can be used for the consultation of the ELIS. The ELIS contains a set of specifications assigned to EIRA ABBs, composing a library of specifications. 

This can be accessed by including the CarTool plugin, which can be found together with the user guide here: 
Additionally, the current version of the ELIS (v1.0.0) is under public review for the population. Please find here the link to the public consultation where you can read more details about it: 
Feel free to participate and contribute to the development of ELIS. 

Best Regards, 

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for sharing with this with the community!

BTW - to make installation easier, you can unzip the jar file and move it into Archi's designated "dropins" folder rather than the "plugins" folder. This way it will persist when a new version of Archi is installed.

Where is the source code for this?

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

If you value and use Archi, please consider making a donation!
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