How to publish HTML reports direct to GitLab?

Started by gwaters22, January 20, 2021, 23:14:02 PM

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I need a set of steps to configure my ArchiMate tool to generate HTML reports and post on GitLab used by the collaboration Plugin?  I have seen a few articles about this but steps are not clear.

This is what I have :
ArchiMate on Windows Desktop
Collaboration Plugin enable to use my Internal GitLab which runs on separate Linux server

I want to create an auto generate HTML report each time I Publish the model for others to review my work. For example, majority of the Managers do not need to have access to ArchiMate tool, they just want to see the results and give feedback. So publishing HTML reports as part of collaboration plugin will help.

How do I do this? Thanks everyone in advance.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


TL,DR: this is not managed by Archi nor the collaboration plugin.

People who does what you describe either do it manually or through some kind of Continuous Integration and Deployment automation.

By default gitlab doesnt allow static HTML hosting. You first need your gitlab admin to enable GitLab Pages features. This might not be possible in your organization and you might have to rely on a different approach.

When done you can enable Pages on your project (the one containing the git repository for your model). Then you'll have to define a gitlab pipeline to run archi in a container after each commit and generate the HTML files that will be exposed through the Pages feature.


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