Modelling the IT Organisation / IT Operating Model in Archi

Started by mcgetts, March 18, 2015, 21:28:39 PM

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Hi - just started to use Archi - really impressed. 

Quick question- is it possible to model the IT Organisation in Archi and link it to the other domains?  I may have missed it but think this would be useful so that it was possible to connect this information to the main model and the extensions - as this would enable changes in IT functions and skills to be linked to the overall architecture and change plans.

If not possible at the moment then would welcome your thoughts on this as another potential extension module.



This scenario is covered quite well in Gerben Wierda's book "Mastering Archimate". He introduces the idea of secondary and tertiary architectures to model how development processes produce executable "artifacts". These artifacts realize both "application components" (in the primary architecture) and "data objects" (in the secondary architecture).