How to custom the HTML report generation

Started by hsahraou, June 02, 2021, 09:45:27 AM

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Hello everyone,
I'm doing an internship using Archi. I have a question :

Need: When the user clicks on File => Report => HTML, we want to obtain a report in HTML format that meets a predefined graphic charter

Question: How to meet this need? Is it possible ?

P.S : It seems it exists also jasper report. But how may I create a jrxml template ?

Thanks in advance,

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


For JasperReport you can easilly change the cover and header by adding simple properties to the model. See p. 95 of the User Guide. If you want to do more customization, then you'll find answers here, but I personnaly wouldn't try to go this way as it has proven to be very challenging for most people.

For the HTML report, there is no official way to customize if, but it is internally based on a templating system and thus is quite easy to customize (search for "stringtemplate" on the forum and you should find plenty of information). If you try to do this, you'll obviously have to distribute your own version of Archi to all users in charge of exporting models. The template has recently been updated and will change a bit in the next version of Archi, so it might make sense to get the latest version on GitHub.


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