Large models taking long time to sync

Started by Alberto, February 10, 2021, 17:20:46 PM

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Hi folks,
I have a somewhat large model (5000 elements, 3000 rels, 120 views)... yes I know, I sync too many external elements that end up not being used.

I recently had to publish my out-of-date model and Archi took about an hour to review conflicts and to finally publish, all this time I thought it was hung up but I could see in task manager CPU and memory usage, albeit low, was varying, which made me think it was working.  Good thing I was right and did not kill the process.

Two things, 1) Is there a way to allow Archi to use more CPU/Memory? Would this shorten the sync time? 2) What would have happened had I killed the process?

BTW, I'm using coArchi 0.7.1



I have currently a model with 3728 concepts, 2286 relations and 128 views which I sync regularly
It takes less than 30s to commit and push. I'm using archi 4.8.0 and coArchi 0.7.1
Most likely an issue with your setup, maybe your Antivirus software? Try disabling it if possible

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is most certainly due to your antivirus. Some month ago I did some tests with my workstation: the same model (with mode than 7000 concepts) can be commited in either 2min (with antivirus) or 5sec (without).

This is due to coArchi having to re-create one xml file per concept, folder and view each time. This means thousands of files to create, and thus thousands of files to scan (which most antivirus are not good at).

Phil and I have started to work on a new approach that will still use git but will store only the usual .archimate file and will manage all diff/merge operation on archi side. We call this coArchi 2, but don't expect it to be published anytime soon.


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Well, I'll be dammed, it was the AV!  Tested both Sophos and McAffee on Windows, took seconds... I've been suffering for a long time, it never occurred to me to disable the on-access scanner.
Thx a bunch!