Merge Conflicts window: Choice is not sync when change between "Mine", "Theirs"

Started by Xiaoqi, March 12, 2021, 15:58:47 PM

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I'm in Archi 4.8.1, coArchi 0.7.1, both latest version.

Testing on the Merge Conflicts, found some unexpected situation, as attached.

When I tried to commit, coArchi detected the remote changes (publish), and pop up "Merge Conflicts" dialog correctly.

Notice there're two button in the bottom: "Mine", "Theirs", and also the "Choice" column in the upper table view.

When I click the button "Mine", the Choice showed "Mine", when click button "Theirs", Choice changed to "Theirs", that's correct. The Choice is shows "(selected)" in the respective button as well, correct.

But the "Choice" field itself can be clicked and shows the drop down with "Mine" and "Theirs", so when at this screenshot status, and I switch "Choice" field value to "Theirs", this upper field value change not trigger back the bottom change, and it will still the "Mine (selected)".


Phil Beauvoir

That should be working. Make sure you either press Return or click outside of the Choice combo box after you have selected a different option so that the change is registered.
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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I've just tested and it works as explained by Phil: once the list loose the focus the button on the bottom gets updated.

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Thanks both Phil and JB, noted, I think it's indeed because of I'm not moving the focus outside the drop-down list.

Regards, Xiaoqi