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Started by Xiaoqi, March 20, 2021, 18:09:29 PM

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Hi all,

Within our current repository, recently we'd like to make some modeling view to show 3 aspects together, which is Country (Market) - Product - Business Area, source date in highlevel veiw as below sample:

CountryProductBusiness Area
Country1Product1Business Area1
Country1Product1Business Area2
Country1Product2Business Area3

There're many Countries, several products and mapping with different Business Areas.

I've tried to find normal relationships among them but not able to show unique record into the model.

Then, learnt from some articles, that we can build up relation over relation, which gave me some hints, then I'm modeling as below steps:

1. First build the Product Domain, compose with "Product1", "Product2" and "Product3"
2. Secondly build up product mapping with country, using Serving relationship from Product to Country, as [Product] – (Serving, 0..n) --> [Country]
3. Then build up the Association to Business Area on the above Serving relationship, that can make three parties join in the analysis view.

This is first actual modeling that I'm using Relation over Relation, which looks quite fitting the needs so far.

Will keep learn more, and welcome to your comment.

See attached as the sample view.


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


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Hi JB, thanks for your information.