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Started by Xiaoqi, March 23, 2021, 10:24:57 AM

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Hi all,

Worked with coArchi quite a lot these days in our modeling practice, to have team members collaborated while keep Master branch in safety model, meaning not be damaged by some danger merging, we tested variable approached and reach to this attached handling approach.

Would like to share with you and seek your good advise to make the approach better.

The key point we found to make final master branch merging safer, is to work in two-steps merging, first merge from Master to User branch, try to fix any potential merging issue in local user branch, then merge back to master, that leads to most of time the merging is passed.

In my chart, actually we also have remote Git to hold the repository, so there're total 2 local branch and 2 remote branch, try to add the local to remote step in certain position.

coArchi is really powerful tool, thanks a lot Phil and JB.

Regads, Xiaoqi

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I've used a quite similar workflow with success. As you pointed, the good advice is to first to a merge of master into user branch.

My only additional advice would be to simply use an online merge when merging master into user branch. This online merge will then take care of refreshing both user and master branch before doing the merge. It will also publish your user branch when the merge is done. This avoid your manual refresh of branches.


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Thanks JB, I'll try the "online" merge option for getting some experience, just the feeling was comparing "online" and "local", the "local" is faster, so the feeling is safer. ;-)

Nice day,