[Help Needed] Merge Branch erroe: File is not directory or folder.xml not exist

Started by xiaoqi, March 23, 2021, 10:28:40 AM

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Although we made carefully merging steps control, we still cannot 100% mitigate merging conflicts and issues.

Does anyone meet this error before as well?

Merge Branch
There was an error:
Fils is not directory or folder.xml does not exist.

Is there any log or debug file that I can examine to understand where is the exact location triggering this error? If yes, then I can try to manually correct in the file level.

Thanks and Regards, Xiaoqi

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is exactly the issue I mentioned in https://forum.archimatetool.com/index.php?topic=986.msg5367#msg5367

Someone moved a folder into another folder while at the same time someone edited some of the views in this folder. This lead to git seing the views' related XML as two different sets: one created in the new position (no conflict), and the other deleted by the first user but edited by the other (conflict). The issue is that, under the hood, folder metadata are stored in a folder.xml file that git sees as moved, so there is in almost all cases a mismatch between the fact that the old folder exist on the filesystem and the fact that this folder.xml has been moved elsewhere.

In short: reorganizing your model must be done with no other changes running at the same time (that's the exact same advice for dev teams: never reorganize the code in an isolate action). So: when needed:

  • ask everyone to publish their changes
  • refresh, change the folder organization, commit and publish
  • ask everyone to refresh

So in order to solve your issue, you have to cancel one of the two operations (move or edit), merge and redo the missing operation.



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Hi JB,

Thanks for your quick reply, yes, the situation was exact as you describe, and indeed, this kind of conflict behavior need to be prevented.

We will follow and practice the way you recommended.

For current model, lucky that we have the central repo didn't be damaged, so I'm clone to one clean one and manually re-do those delta views.

Thanks again,