Can we show "Behind | Ahead" information in CoArchi Branch List View?

Started by Xiaoqi, June 04, 2021, 21:05:04 PM

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Currently in our coArchi Branches window, there're 6 columns can be seen:

[Branch] [Branch Status] [Latest Commit Author] [Latest Commit Date] [Commit Status] and [Merge Status]

As discussed in previous questions, we are current in our team using MS Azure DevOps git to host the model, while in the day to day working, we are encouraging colleague to keep eyes on the "master" branch updates and ensure not too far behind to the master, while at the same time, do not go along too far without merging back to master in time, this approach was learnt from several conflict merging and we need to keep master in safe as much as possible.

One very informative column, please refer to attached screen, that we are keep referring on the Azure DevOps' branch list, is that "Behind | Ahead" counts, that give every colleagues a clear and quick view on whether they need to make one sync with or to master.

I wonder whether this column can be added into our coArchi's Branches list view? If so, then people don't need to keep opening the Azure DevOps' online page all the time and we can focus working inside Archi.

Thanks and regards,

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


You can already find similar information in the Change History tab: if you look at the message lines, one or two of them have a small icon to materialize HEADs of remote (yellow cylinder) and local (white sheet of paper). If both are at the same commit you'll see an icon showing both.

Of course, for this to work you have to enable background fetch and thus store your password. In this case I highly recommend that you use the latest version of coarchi which stores passwords in a really secured way.


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Thanks a lot JB for your quick answer.

I didn't aware these "yellow cylinder" and "white paper sheet" icon and their meanings, (not sure why the wiki page on "change history" is empty ;-)).

From attached picture, I refresh my local model and can see one "Yellow Cylinder", then now I know I have some commits behind remote, and then I'm doing some local work and do local commit, and see "white paper sheet", then that's something ahead of remote.

this indeed can give me hints that I should do publish to prevent merging issue.

Good for now, however, I can see that only one "white paper sheet", while I know the 2nd row should also the one "ahead". So instead of remember that and do manual counting, if like Azure DevOps view in previous mail, that can display the sum of counts in "behind|ahead", that would be more convenient.

Thanks again,