Fonts used in imported models from another platform

Started by DaveVint, April 29, 2021, 12:51:10 PM

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I'm importing an Open Exchange file that has been generated by BizzDesign on Windows, into my Archi 4.8.1 instance in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The original model uses 'Arial 10pt' for the majority of their elements, which obviously doesn't exist in a default Ubuntu installation. How is the actual font used to display the element decided? My Archi installation is configured to use Sans 9pt by default for elements, but the Appearance tab of imported elements says 'Arial'. If I specifically set it to Sans then the appearance changes a little, so it's not using Sans although it's similar.

I'm guessing this is an Eclipse or Ubuntu font mapping behaviour rather then specifically Archi, but do you have suggestions about how I could review or change the mapping. The replacement font overlaps the bounds of the element, so I'm trying to make the import look readable as much as possible.



Phil Beauvoir

I don't know what happens under the hood here, whether it's an Eclipse SWT or system conversion to the nearest font or whatever. It seems to use some generic sans font based on font size (font name and size/height is the only info in an exchange file).

The Appearance tab will display whatever the font name is.

As the exchange file is XML you could do a search and replace on the font name.
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Thanks Phil. Looks like there is a mapping for Arial to 'Liberation Sans' in /etc/fonts/confi.d/30-metric-aliases.conf that is used, but now unsure about how Verdana gets mapped to DejaVu Sans. I'll do some more digging. The joys of cross-platform development and proprietary defaults! Might do your search/replace suggestion to force it.