Can we add Folder Structure view in coArchi's branch list?

Started by Xiaoqi, March 29, 2021, 03:56:49 AM

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Our architecture team is now using Archi plus coArchi for our on-hand work for a while, and from central model branch, we have added more and more branches for project purpose.

By default, all of the cloned branch are in the same level as master branch, recently, I found the way that Git supports with the syntax "folder_name/new_branch_name" for new added branch, now in our Archi tool's branch list, it shows exact as the syntax lists, refer to the first picture attached.

While, as we're using Azure DevOps to manage our Archi repository remotely, in the online DevOps site, it can recognize the syntax and display the folder in real folder structure, which is quite easy to view and manage.

I think our coArchi is compatible with the Git approach, so is this possible that we can also display this kind of branch syntax in folder structure?

Thanks and looking forward to hear your opinion?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This kind of feature related questions should be posted as an issue on the GitHub repository of the plugin:

This makes it easier for us to collect ideas (or bugs) an plan the future.

BTW, I think that's an interresting idea made possible now that "/" is allowed (it used to be filtered out).
BTW (2), the current coArchi version is also the last one. We're working on coArchi 2 which is a full rewrite of the merge engine (but will still use Git to store the model and provide branching support). So don't expect this to be available anytime soon (but again, I find it useful).


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Thanks JB, just re-posted to the Github repo site.

Also we keep use this way, which is quite convenient and clean view in the online Azure DevOps branch page, and it's also support multi-level folder as long as you use [folder1]\[folder2]\[folder3]\...\branchname structure.

Have a nice Easter holiday,