Create view from selected concept - jArchi script or other plugin

Started by Manj75, June 10, 2021, 16:28:46 PM

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I've come back to this forum as I'm currently working with a new client where I'm promoting the use of ArchiMate and Archi again.  It is good to be back heavily using this tool and implementing many of the working processes I put in place for previous clients.

The question I have is that I recall with my previous client that Archi was able to automate the creation of a view diagram using a plugin for a selected concept, but I cannot remember whether this was a jArchi script feature or a dedicated plugin.  In either case I just cannot locate it anymore and was hoping someone from the core team (Phil, JB or Herve) or anyone else can point me to it.

I cannot find it in the jArchi example scripts nor in Herve's catalog of plugins.

What I do remember was a a pop dialog box with settings of depth and layout options had to be configured for the selected concept and in essence a diagram view would be created, similar to what is shown on the Visualiser.

On side, this feature would be great to have in the core tool may be as an option on the Visualiser -> Make into View, or something like this.

Thanks and good to be back :-)


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

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Bingo - that's the one JB

Seems these scripts needs to be collated and placed in a single area, but anyway I'm happy that you pointed me to it.

Thanks, M