Can we adjust the text direction for one element in the view?

Started by Xiaoqi, June 26, 2021, 20:07:27 PM

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During using Archi to make certain modeling view, as attached, sometimes I need to show the cross layer concept so it's better to have the ones like "integration layer", "security layer" in the side of the other horizontal ones.

To have the visualized better viewed, is there any way to adjust the Text Direction? I can only see "Text Alignment" and "Text Position" option in the Appearance.

Is this be possible added as one option? Or can be adjust through certain script?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is not supported by Archi (only horizontal text direction).


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Phil Beauvoir

As JB says, this is not supported in Archi.

I researched whether the Eclipse graphical framework supports this out of the box. It doesn't. Then I saw that the Modelio BPMN tool [1] (it also uses the Eclipse graphical framework) does support multi-direction text and that they have created their own custom code to do this [2]. However, this is not trivial to implement in our code, so it's not a priority. But as Archi is free and open source someone else might take a look at it.

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Thanks JB and Phil, understood, and will limit that kind of views usage (if need, would use workaround like just for some sketch purpose), and good to know some customization on Eclipse does support that, will explore that possibility.