Is there any "Move To Folder" convenient option available to be confiugured?

Started by Xiaoqi, July 31, 2021, 20:16:50 PM

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Hi all,

Excuse me first if my question in title is not clear enough.

Here is the challenge I'm facing during the day to day working in Archi, in the first screenshot "Archi-Element-more-than-1-page.png", shows quite a lot elements (here is Application Components) which we're modeling into the Archi, every element represent one business application name, in current model there're more than several hundreds entries already. So you can see, it is impossible to see them all within one screen without scrolling up and down.

Searching the element is no problem, but now I'd like to create some sub-group folders to put those applications into different folders, what I can do is having to click and hold one element, then drag to the top or bottom edge of the element window, then the list can scroll up or down slowly, until it moves to the destination folder location. Doing this way for hundreds of elements is quite time consuming.

For sure, I can do some tricky workaround, e.g. create one dummy folder or subfolders first and move those elements to some smaller group that I can see all when expanding, then save some time when move cross folders.

However, I'm just comparing the using experience on other tool, e.g. general emal client like Outlook, in 2nd screenshot, this is the normal task as you may have thousands of mails and many mail folders, Outlook can give you an option in the right-click pop up menu, named as "Move to...", through that, you can see the folder tree structure, also you have latest used folders, that can exactly fit the way I'm looking forward to do in Archi now.

Hope I'm describing this usage scenario clearly, if there's anywhere can configure in e.g. right-click menu, kindly please advise; or it would be great if this will be some feature enhancement on this part for user experience.

Thanks and nice day,

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


SImply cut (CTRL-X) the element and paste it (CTRL-V) into the folder :-)


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Hi JB,

Wow, this is really the most convenient way, it WORKS! Focusing on so many so-called "user experience" method, but forgot the basic ones.

Thanks for reminding, nice weekend.