Noob Question: Changing a node's type

Started by Rich Gautier, August 17, 2021, 12:28:19 PM

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Rich Gautier

As a new person using TOGAF, I find myself making mistakes when creating models and nodes by choosing the wrong 'type' in the palette while creating a bunch of entries.  Realizing, AFTER I've created 20 Nodes, when I meant to create 20 Applications, and wanting to easily change them all, I wonder how to just select all of them and 'change type'.

Is this an option?  (Obviously it could have an impact if there're relationships, but you could notify the user that they will be deleted if not supported, or change them to 'associated' if unsupported by the new type).

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, and welcome to the Archi forums.

Changing the type of existing concepts is not (yet) implemented natively in Archi. However, it can be done using a jArchi script.

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