How to you structure your diagram header / footer ?

Started by bhug, November 04, 2021, 15:43:19 PM

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Hi !
Some of the diagrams I produce are shared outside my service, or even printed.
In such cases, I always add
- A title, or something like a header,
- A footer, including print-date, some legal stuff (classification, right mentions, company name...) and a legend.

Do you do the same ?
If so, how do you do it ?

I was about to post a new feature request, to have some kind of templating capability in ArchiMate views, in order to add my favorite footer. But i'd like to ear about your practice before.

Best regards,

B. Hug


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I do almost the same with a title, last modification date and a legend.

The legend is a visual group named "Legend" containing everything needed (either notes and visual connections, or ArchiMate elements "singletons" with a custom label to match the diagram's need.

Title and last modification are shown in a visual note which uses custom label to reference the view's name and a view property named 'Last Update' (updated manually when needed). Using such note with label expressions is the way to go as it is dynamic and allows you to reference all "metadata" stored as view properties, and can then be easily copied/pasted to another view.


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Hello Jean-Baptiste,
Thanks for the "custom label" tip. I had never used it, it's working very fine!