Archi 4.9.2 Released

Started by Phil Beauvoir, January 13, 2022, 12:02:28 PM

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Phil Beauvoir

Hello everybody,

We've just released Archi version 4.9.2. This is a maintenance release with some fixes.

The download is available here:


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Thanks Phil for your quick improvement to 4.9.2, have downloaded, but however, in our company's PC, possible the file is too new so it is scanned and reported by Symantec SEP as "infected" then quarantined.

See attached screenshot.

I managed to continue finished installation after disable the SEP temporarily, but need to wait on this warning message to be disappeared later then I can introduce this version to my teammates.

Thanks a lot,

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Xiaoqi,

this happens for every release. This is due to "reputation". After a few days it goes away.

These anti-virus companies are a scam.


If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation!


Thanks Phil, well noted.

Agree, have to wait for some days, since our normal company pre-installed clients having the group policy applied, so some users cannot disable the SEP themselves. After those waiting days, I think we internally will try to upgrade to the same version soon.

I see in the current model header you have put version="4.9.0", so from my current co-working with the group's common repo commits (all others are in 4.9.1 and mine is 4.9.2), it's not leading to unnecessary commits due to the version different, so as long as we have 4.9.0 within this big release, I can leave some users may upgrade to same version slower.

So far, 4.9.2 is working smoothly, thanks again.

Regards, Xiaoqi