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Started by islamsayed, May 06, 2022, 09:36:18 AM

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Hi team,
I created a new ArchiMate model from a Template, and choose the Customizable Report (with Tag support) template.
Now I am trying to use Report:Model:Cover:Background, and Report:Model:Header:Background.
I created the required images (in png, and tried with jpg too) with the dimensions as suggested in ReadMe. The property is pointed to the correct location of those images.

The report get generated but the images dont get loaded. What am I doing wrong ? can someone please give me an example model or let me know what I need to do ?

Phil Beauvoir

Just tested this and it's working. I added these properties to the model:

Report:Model:Cover:Background     D:\pictures\back.jpg
Report:Model:Header:Background    D:\pictures\back2.jpg

Then exported to Jasper Report.
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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


The key point (and usual error) is that these properties must be set on the model itself, not on a folder nor a view. So the best way to be sure is to right clic on the model name and select "Properties" from the contextual menu. The "Properties" view should now be the one from the model itself and you can set the report properties.


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Thanks for your help! sorry my mistake ! The Jasper report works as expected actually.
I was looking at something else all that time. I thought that this feature actually works with the HTML Report function, not the Jasper report!
I was thinking it affects the output of the HTML report which can be generated from Tools, Preview HTML Report, or File->Report->HTML.