Strange error when importing model into workspace: "Semaphore timeout expired" ?

Started by pkraakman, August 02, 2022, 15:21:54 PM

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In my company we're using Atlassian, and I have setup a repository on BitBucket and could publish my archimate model to that repository and publish new commits as well.

This was done on MacOS. Now moving over to my Windows 10 system, I am trying to bring that model into my local workspace by the command "Import model into workspace", it starts but after a few seconds I get a rather unfamiliar error which says something like:

"Failed (IOException) to execute: the semaphore timeout period has expired"

Never seen this before, tried to find an answer thru google without success so far.

Anyone ever seen this and has a clue how to solve it?

Many thanks,



SOLVED! Apparently I was using a wrong url. I tried with the url pointing to the location of *.git in the remote repository and this worked fine.