Is it possible to get the absolute position of a visual connection in a view ?

Started by jsimoncello, March 10, 2023, 16:41:38 PM

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I am trying to auto-number the relations shown in a view starting from top and then left to right.
Problem is I haven't found any reliable way to get start or end or text position for a connection (except if this relation has bendpoints).
Is there any way to do it with the SDK ?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


As the anchor points (exact place where a connection connects to an object) are dynamically computed based on the chosen rendering algorithm and some other factors, it is not possible to get them through jArchi API.


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just in case, a very basic version using centers of source and target element of the flow. I thing it can be refined by taking bendpoints into account.

var archimateView = $(selection).first();
if (archimateView.type != "archimate-diagram-model") {
    window.alert("Please select a view before running this script");

} else {
    let flowsInView = [];
    $(archimateView).children("flow-relationship").each(function (f) {
        let srcCoord = getElementCenter(f.source);
        let tgtCoord = getElementCenter(;
        let x = (srcCoord.x + tgtCoord.x) / 2;
        let y = (srcCoord.y + tgtCoord.y) / 2;
        flowsInView.push([x, y, f]);

    flowsInView.sort(([a, b, c], [d, e, f]) => b - e || a - d);
    for (let i = 0; i < flowsInView.length; i++) {
        let flow = flowsInView[i][2];
        let newFlowName = "" + (i + 1);
        flow.labelExpression = "F" + newFlowName.padStart(3, "0") + " " +[0-9a-z]*/gm, "");
//get the center of the visual element from the origin of the view (top left)
function getElementCenter(el) {
    let absCoord = getAbsoluteCoord(el);
    return { x: absCoord.x + (absCoord.width) / 2, y: absCoord.y + absCoord.height / 2, }

 *  compute x,y of the element starting from the origin of the view (element.bounds returns x,y from the parent element not from the view)
 * @param el
function getAbsoluteCoord(el) {
    let result = el.bounds;

    $(el).parents().each(function (pa) {
        if (pa.bounds !== null && pa.bounds !== undefined) {
            result.x += pa.bounds.x
            result.y += pa.bounds.y
    return result;