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Started by Thomas Rohde, May 30, 2023, 09:14:35 AM

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Thomas Rohde

I'm pleased to share a little side project I have created to easily create Eclipse dialog in jArchi.

Please go to this repo: https://github.com/ThomasRohde/jArchi-CreateDialog

From the readme:

CreateDialog is a user interface library that enables you to create nice and functional Eclipse dialogs in Archi with ease. Whether you need to display information, collect input, or perform actions on your Archi models, CreateDialog has you covered. With CreateDialog, you don't have to worry about the technical details of Eclipse and Java. You can focus on the design and logic of your dialogs, while still having access to a rich set of UI elements and features that can handle any UI challenge you throw at them.

The repo contains a model with all the documentation as well as a script to display the documentation using the library.


I have only tested the script in Windows 10 using Edge.

If you find it valuable please star it, and you are welcome to suggest changes. Remember, I am not a developer, and this has initially been created to suit my needs only.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Thank you !

I've wanted such lib for a long time and now you've done it.


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Phil Beauvoir

If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation. :-)


Thanks Thomas, really useful library. I'll give a try, I already have use cases for theses forms.

FYI At first launch of the ajs script, I got the following error, (maybe I am not using the correct JS Engine ?), but I simply changed the ??= operand to a test on null value.
Script Error: javax.script.ScriptException: org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: SyntaxError: CreateEclipseForm.js:647:18 Expected an operand but found =
        columns ??= 2;

Thomas Rohde


I'll fix it in the next update. I just learned about the ??= operator.

I use Archi 4.9.3 and jArchi 1.3.1, and the GraalVM JavaScript engine.