Creating sketch and canvas views

Started by ChampagnePerry, June 21, 2023, 14:19:32 PM

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As a bit of background I have a script that replicates all or part of a model into another model (not perfect yet but works quite well even replicating the views).
To see if I can detect changes and propagate them to the parent model I do this with a JSON representation of the model or model elements.
However recreating the canvas and sketch views isn't working the way I expect.
I use <<canvas-model>>.createObject("canvas-model-block",1,1,-1,-1,true) on the canvas-model view and it just throws an error saying "Unsupported type".
I notice creating these things in code isn't mentioned anywhere that I can find on the Wiki so am I doing something obviously wrong, is it not supported, have I got the syntax wrong?
Has anyone been daft enough to try this before?
Any help appreciated.

Here is a snippet of the code:
// if there is a refView then it is a view reference
if (oSource.refView!=null){
console.log("Adding a view reference to ",," for ",thisConcept);
//console.log("name :",," type:",thisConcept.type," id :",;
newElement = thisTarget.createViewReference(thisConcept,newBounds.x,newBounds.y,newBounds.width,newBounds.height);
// if there is no concept it is a non archimate element
} else if (thisConcept==null){
// all other cases where a concept exists should be archimate elements
} else if (thisConcept!=null){

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, Canvas and Sketch objects haven't yet been implemented in jArchi. Lots of things on the backlog....jArchi, coArchi, coArchi 2, Profiles, Table Views, maintenance....etc....(too much for one person)

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OK understood, thanks Phil - I realise you're very busy.
I will just exclude the contents of the sketch and canvas views - thanks