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Started by achim, June 22, 2023, 10:49:10 AM

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Hello there,

as Archi user an ramping up our architecture on it we also found this plugnin which indeed is no Archiplugin.

My question now is, is this plugin usable, and if so, how.

If this plugin is somehow outdated or what ever I would try to spend time to make it work again if necessary.
As I am not really firm with Java this would be some kind of a challenge for me. But maybe with some guidance it will work.

But if this finally works, I would share and contribute it to the community :)


Phil Beauvoir


I was not aware of this project until now. I recommend contacting the owner of the project regarding its status:

But you should read the comment at where they mention that the plug-in is not needed since Archi supports Specializations. I would not recommend reviving this project because of this.


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