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Started by Nina Georgieva, August 08, 2023, 07:25:39 AM

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Nina Georgieva

while creating a view by mistake (with some short key combination) I have disabled most of the elements (strategic, business, etc.) in the Palette. Now that they are disallowed the whole diagram look grayed out. How can I restore all elements?
I'm using Archi 4.9.1 with coArchi 


Change the viewpoint of your view (in the views property)

Phil Beauvoir

You will have set the Viewpoint of that View to something like "Application Component". You can set it back to "None" in the Properties windows, or set a preference to not filter the palette. For more information please refer to the Archi 5.1 User Guide, page 54.

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Nina Georgieva

@Phil Beauvoir @rchevallier
Thank you very much for the prompt response!
I've checked the viewpoint, elements, relationship, direction filter settings but it seams that's not the cause of the problem. All are set to 'None'.
Phil mentioned Palette preferences. I couldn't find info for this settings. Where do I find/access these preferences? 


Wrong place: you are editing parameters for the Visualiser,  not the View editor

Correct place:
* Click on the view background (or select it in the model tree)
* In the property panel, select the main tab
* put the value None in the viewpoint

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Nina Georgieva