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Started by nickbrown1968, November 06, 2023, 08:13:41 AM

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I always feel bad asking for more when someone's already provided something for free, but I'd like to request a couple of tweaks:

1. Unless I'm misunderstanding, it looks as though each model has to reside in it's own distinct code repo. Is it possible that this could be modified so that I can keep all my models in a single repo? Feels like an additional top-level folder (using the model name?) would be needed as a container to separate each model's GRAFICO output. This feature would really reduce the amount of repo administration that I'd have to do to share all my models.

2. Can we specify the folder location for the .archimate (& .bak) files. Currently they reside in the .git folder. Unless there's a good reason for them to reside there, I'd like to be able specify a distinct location for them outside of the "Collaboration Workspace folder" location.

I've only just started to use coArchi and I think it could potentially be a real game changer for how I share models with my colleagues.


Apologies if feature requests are supposed to be directed to this forum. I've now submitted an issue here https://github.com/archimatetool/archi-modelrepository-plugin/issues/213

Phil Beauvoir


1. No, sorry this can't be changed as all of the commit history relates to one model. See https://github.com/archimatetool/archi-modelrepository-plugin/issues/51

2. Sorry no, coArchi expects to see these files in that location.

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