Migration from Rational System Architect tool to Archi

Started by suma, March 04, 2016, 10:32:33 AM

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Currently, we are using IBM Rational System Architect tool for modeling enterprise architecture. We are interested in evaluating Archi modeling tool .

Is there a way to import the artifacts from Rational System Architect to Archi tool ?

I would like to know whether migration is possible from Rational System Architect to Archi .


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Migrating model itself (without diagram) from IBM Rational System Architect to Archi is certainly easy (a matter of CSV export/import). Migrating diagrams is more difficult. The Open Group recently published specifications for an Open Exchange Format that Archi implements, so if the IBM tool can export in this format all is ok, else I think you'll have to find some way to export and reformat all diagram related content in XML.

@Phil: maybe this is a some good opportunity to propose this kind of thing as a (paid) service. There seems to be a lot of users in this case, and obviously, migrating to some other product is a real cost (model migration but also software licenses).


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