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Started by Igoroshka, June 02, 2016, 13:11:07 PM

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Sorry for possible mistakes and strange or even stupid questions. I'm completely new to Arhimate and Archi.
Currently we are working on core switchers update with multiple dependences on net connectivity. So I'm studying archimate and exercising on the model creation at the same time. And as usual a lot of questions rose. May I have your advice on this?
1. We have cluster with several homes and multiple DBs on them. I saw several ways to model DB:
device->infra SW->infra function->infra server
device->DB as artifact
What is appropriate way to present it if other important artifacts should be presented?

2. BI server actually means: device -> application server -> java and system components under general service "BI application". Server has switch connectivity, BI application relies on application server and system components. On the same time server shares a directory that accessible by DB on DBMS server. BI itself uses one DB as it repository and other DBs as data sources. How to model such components?

3. What could be a model for the shared directory?

4. Modeling infrastructure to get a clear view on dependences between different components is it enough to limit to infrastructure view or we shell involve applications and business objects into a model?

I'm appreciate you valuable time and thank you in advance for advice and help.

Kind regards, Igoroshka.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Our resident ArchiMate expert, J-B Sarrodie, might be able to help you with these questions. If not, you could also ask at the LinkedIn forum - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/ArchiMate-50758

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Phil Beauvoir

J-B is quite busy, but I'm sure he will find this post.  ;)
If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation. :-)

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Well... I think the best solution for you would be to read Gerben Wierda's book "Mastering ArchiMate". There are several "case study" about database, cluster and application platform modelling. Reading it would for sure help you to find the best solution in your context.

That being said, I personnaly would do something that looks like the "DB and BI" diagram attached. You'll notice that I haven't shown any function as I focus on (exposed and used) services.

I also use a kind of trick: "BI Application Platform" is a Sysem Software which is used a little bit like an Application Component (it accesses a Data Object, this access is in fact a derived relationship). This allows me to describe the BI platform (on which i build BI Applications) using a pattern very similar to the typical application pattern. You'll find mode details in "Software Pattern" diagram attached.


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Thank you JB for suggestion.
I already ordered "Mastering ArchiMate" (as well as "Chess and the art of Enterprise Architecture") and started on it. But it is not an easy reading (and author did not promise this :) ). The task, help on which I'm asking, is little bit an urgent for us. We already developed a plan and upgrading procedure. But as for my understanding visual presentation of the systems will help to ensure that we accounted all the components and makes it more clear and robust.
And back to you kind presentation of the BI system. Is my understanding correct?
1. In your case BI repository is on Oracle 11R2 and data sources are on 12c. Both DBs are on node1.
2. BI Repository Data represents storage for BI application platform. And same for BI Sales Data

If I would be interested only for connectivity could Data Object elements be removed from the diagram?

My currently prepared model is like in attachment. Switch under the question is in red. Could it be presented like this?