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Started by techlogix, September 12, 2014, 17:26:06 PM

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I am trying to solve a problem.

I create a 2 views and drag 2 objects in view 1 and the same 2 objects in view 2.

In View 1 - I create a relationship. Save the model.

I open view 2 - and the relationship is not visible. Is there a way to "refresh" the views to show the relationships created elsewhere?

Phil Beauvoir


good question, but this isn't how it works. Views only contain what you put in them manually, because each View is really a sub-set of all model elements. In your case you would need to drag and drop the relationship from the model tree onto the second View.

I suppose there may be a case for having this as a preference:

"When creating a new connection in a View, automatically add it in other Views".

What do users think?

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I think it is easy to miss the connections when doing this manually.

An option for "Refresh view with new Connections" would be valuable. The main value-add to model relationships is to have the views auto-updated, but I guess if there is a way to have a switch i.e. Auto-Update, or Manual Update - that would help a lot when the models are non-trivial.



I put this topic on the top of the stack again ;-)
It would be valuable to have such an option available in Archi.
It would also be consistent with the general behavior of the tool regarding the relation handling in views.
When you drag & drop an element, existing relations are automatically added.
And one may decide to remove a relation from a view without deleting it from the model. But there is no way to act the other way round and decide to show "hidden" relations...

Is there anything new regarding the implementation of such a feature ?
If not, is there a way - as a workaround - to trigger automatic relation adding with - for instance - a jArchi script ?



Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

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Great ! Thanks for your quick answer. I'll have a look at that.


The current Archi functionality is correct in that relationships will only show up between elements for the view you are authoring and not in other views that also have those elements.  The risk of even having a preference to enable showing the relationship across all views with the same two elements is that in collaborative working it would interfere with views authored by others.

We use the visualiser as an aid to see what other relationships exist for a particular element and if the relationship is required on another view that it can be shown by referencing it when reapplying that relationship.  This is beneficial in creating views of varying context, e.g. structural dependency or message flows.

If this functionality is to be added it should be by configuration, but I would not be using it.



As an option it would be extremely helpful. Could be implemented first globally, for the whole view, and then by element. But once again, keeping the user the option to select it as a preference but, if turned off, having the capability to either update the view or just an element.

Best regards

Phil Beauvoir

Just to say, even as an option, this is not something on the immediate roadmap. But it can be done with jArchi, and also if you open the View with the elements you can select an element and drag and drop its relations from the "Model Relations" table in the "Analysis" tab of Properties.

But, as Manjit says, we don't want any surprises from behind the scenes magic.
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