Archi crashes when using note element (picking/moving) on new MacBookPro

Started by hjtriem, November 27, 2016, 13:02:18 PM

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Phil Beauvoir

I don't know why this is happening just on your MacBook. I have an old Mac with Sierra and it works OK. I have no way to debug this to narrow it down. In the code the class that handles this is:


It might be an Eclipse bug, or something else. If anyone who has one of these MacBooks could debug it by setting breakpoints in the Java class and try to locate what is triggering the crash.
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So for the record this happens in the release version 3.3.2.

I did download the latest from git and run in Eclipse as you suggested and it's not happening there so I guess you/someone fixed it.  Yeah, I'm replying to an old thread in case someone like me comes in doing a search and this is the first thread they find; they can see it's fixed in future versions but they have to use the workaround in the 3.3.2 version.