GRAFICO license costs & info for commercial use

Started by brain_work, January 17, 2017, 12:20:24 PM

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

Hi Peter,

Quote from: brain_work on January 17, 2017, 12:20:24 PM
I'm curious if the info mentioned in is still valid?

Well... The "rules" explained in that post have never been really strict and could be certainly relaxed. TBH the goal is to have Grafico fully opensourced, but at the same time the idea is that "big" users (especially those making money thanks to Archi and Grafico) should donate to Archi. To my knowledge, only one company officially made a donation related to the use of Grafico.

So this could be rewritten to something like that:

If GRAFICO plugin is used purely for internal purposes (for example, to develop an information system architecture for use within your own organization), you can use it for free, but are encouraged to make a donation to Archi. The suggested minimal donation is:

  • 1-5 users: 100€
  • 5-10 users: 200€
  • 10-50 users: 500€
  • 50+ users: 1000€

If used outside your own organization (e.g. if your are a consultant selling services) and if you make money through the use of the GRAFICO plugin (e.g. if you sell a remote architecture repository management service) you have to donate to Archi. The minimum donation is then:

  • 1-5 users: 200€
  • 5-10 users: 400€
  • 10-50 users: 1000€
  • 50+ users: 2000€

Remark: again, the end goal is to opensource the whole thing and have some companies co-fund a better, integrated, repository solution that would use Grafico (or any other solution if needed). The whole vision is better explained in this post.

Don't hesitate to comment if unclear, if you have a better way to explain it or if you are willing to contribute to the real goal/vision.


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