Archimate Model Relationships between applications and Government Policies

Started by samper, June 02, 2017, 20:13:23 PM

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Hey Folks,

I am coming to Archi from an IM/IT perspective but tend to operate at the strategic system design level.

I have taken a TOGAF course and learning Archimate as I go along.

I would like to relate my models to government policies, laws, acts and legislations. I am looking for some guidance how I might be able to reference external documents in an Archi/Archimate model.

For instance, say I have a system that maps environmental emergencies and I want to make a business case to improve this application so we can better support the Canadian Environmental Protection act (

So what I want to do:
* have an abstract element of the act itself which I can document as a URL reference
* I want to have an element to represent a specific section of the act "(a) establish, operate and maintain a system for monitoring environmental quality;" ( Section 44.1.a
* I then want to relate that section to a business unit
* Relate that business unit to a software, which in turns sits in a data centre.

My general approach was going to be to use Archi version 4.0.1 and the following elements

Stakeholder (Canadians) > Driver (CEPA) > Principle (CEPA section 44.1.a) > Goal (Monitor Quality) > Outcome (A system) > Requirement (System Must...)

Is this a decent general patterns? Then I can connect To business/info and application/data and infrastructure level sfrom there.

So are modeling acts, laws and policies really a motivation model?

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, and welcome to the forum.  :)

Interesting questions, but I am not the best person to answer on the issues of best practice.

If you don't get any response here you could try the ArchiMate Google Group -!forum/open-archimate-forum I'm not aware of any other (open) ArchiMate groups or forums.

"I am looking for some guidance how I might be able to reference external documents in an Archi/Archimate model."

Do you want to link to online URLs?

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Thanks for responding.

The google groups forum looks pretty inactive, however, if I get no other responses here then I will check it out.

Linking to online URL's seem doable through Archi by adding URL's to the Documentation section. It would be nice if the URL's were coloured blue in the output reports, but this is no big deal right now.

What I mean by reference is really knowing what Abstract Archimate element I should use to model a policy or sections of the policy.

Right now I have gone with using motivation elements such as "driver" for a policy and then build relationships of "principles", "meanings" and "goals" to that.



Using the Documentation property works OK for me, but it would be on my 'wish list' that if an URL property was added to the entitiy/element, a small link icon would be inserted in the element and possibly also let the users click on it to follow the link.

Regarding abstract elements, take a look on this document at the bottom of page 24 ( It briefly describes a way to use stereotypes e.g. using the same element 'Contract' for policies, standards, procedure, etc. by naming them '<<Policy>> Data Handling', '<<Procedure>> Data Handling' , etc.



There is a reasonably active Archimate group on LinkedIn: that I have had good results with. Gerben hangs out there :)