Feature Request: Workflow automation, Auditing features & Repository

Started by Foley50, October 21, 2014, 13:09:23 PM

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this the correct avenue in order to determine Archimate functionality. If not, please could you point me in the direction of someone who could help me.

I just need to know the following:

- Does the Archimate modelling tool have auditing functionality that would enable the user to track changes, check version control and check users in/out?

- From what I can tell, there is no repository - are there an free repository tools that integrate well with Archi, that you think it would be worth me looking at?

- Is there any automated workflow that comes with the modelling capabilities?

Many thanks in advance for this. I greatly appreciate any help on this.



Phil Beauvoir


Currently Archi is single-file based, so no repository at the moment, although there are plans to integrate a repository solution at some stage. Also, nothing is supported for automated workflow.

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


In fact, there are currently two existing plugins and I am working on a third one:

  • Luca Bompani maintain an export/import plugin allowing to use Archi with a CMDBuild backend
  • Michael Tapp published recently an export/import plugin allowing to store/load a model on a git backend
  • I am working on a export/import plugin which use the EMF Compare merge engine and store/load models on a folder (which of course can be on a shared folder). Development stopped at the moment.

All these plugins allow having one big model with domain architects collaborating inside and using common enterprise assets. The main difference is the way merge is done and where models are saved:

  • Luca's plugin use EMF Compare merge engine (very good/powerfull engine) but depends on CMDBuild, which make the overall solution perhaps big/complex (but if you still don't have a CMDB, test CMDBuild as its a perfect product - I use it in production)
  • Michael's plugin rely on an idea shared on the forum which is to "explode" the model on a lot of small files (one per XML node) and rely on Git (texte-based) merge engine.
  • Mine use EMF Compare (like Luca's plugin but with a strip down UI) and does not depends on any other product (a file share is enough).

On comment, Bart Ratgers and I are currently trying Michael's plugin in real accross internet: some issues or weirdness but it works.

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