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Started by Hervé, September 25, 2018, 16:49:30 PM

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Hi Hervé,

I am attempting to use your script plugin with your database plugin.  The database plugin is on a headless Linux VM.  I know from your wiki directions that the database plugin needs to be configured, but wondering how you did this on a headless server?  Is there a file somewhere in the Archi installation that contains variables for the database plugin to work from that specify the location and name of the database or is there another method you used to configure the database plugin in the headless version of Archi?

Again, so many thanks in advance for your patient help on these questions!



Yes there is :-)

I'm not home so I cannot check for the exact path name. You should be able to get it using "find ~/.Archi4 -name org.archicontribs.database.prefs"

The file content is (expected that you've got one database only):
databases=1                              --> number of database
databases_name_0=                        --> name of the entry in the database table
databases_driver_0=                      --> driver to use
databases_server_0=                      --> server or IP
databases_port_0=                        --> TCP port
databases_database_0=                    --> database's name
databases_schema_0=                      --> database's schema
databases_username_0=                    --> username used to connect to the database
databases_password_0=                    --> unencrypted password used to connect to the database
databases_export-views-images_0=         --> true or false
databases_views-images-border-width_0=   --> if export-views-images is true, then you may specify the border width (defaults to 10)
databases_views-images-scale-factor_0=   --> if export-views-images is true, then you may specify the scale factor without the percent sign (default to 100%)
databases_export-whole-model_0=          --> true or false (must be true is your database is SQL, false if Neo4J)

Best regards