New specialization plugin

Started by Hervé, June 30, 2017, 21:18:01 PM

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Hi Jose-Carlos,

I tried once but messed up with the regexp ... I'll work again on this case ...

Do you mind open a case on the GitHup site ?

Thanks and regards


Hi Hervé,
the case is open on github.


Great plugin BTW. Just one thing: I have 1.0.10 installed on Archi 4.3 Windows 10. However when I check for update (Preferences / Specialization ), it proposes the 1.0.10_for_mac. Is it normal? Shall I install it ?



My apologies for this late answer, I've been very busy those last days ...

In fact, for a reason that I still do not understand, my plugin does not work well on MAC OS and I had to provide a specific version. I haven't had time to change the automatic update procedure about this file.

If you're on Windows, please do not install the MAC version. In the best scenario, it will work but on a worst case scenarion, you may have some unexpected behaviour.

I'll move the MAC version to a specific folder to avoid this in the future.

Thanks and regards