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Started by Alberto, December 04, 2018, 19:01:27 PM

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I typically use a canvas called Index as a landing page and starting point to my HTML reports.  Is there a way to customize the HTML plugin(?) so that the src for the in ui-layout-center iframe is prepopulated with my Index UUID(.html) if there is one.

Also, I think I asked this before, is this a new HTML report?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


There is no direct or simple way to force the default open page in the HTML report. You can of course change the generated HTML file (but would have to do it each time you generate the report). You can also change the template used to generate the report (look for stringtemplate in this forum to see how), but in this case you'll be only able to generate valid report for a single model because the change will hard-code the default page to the internal id of your default view.

re twitter: yes,this is the future version of the report but it has been on hold for some month (we had to switch to jArchi, the script plugin, and some other topics).


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