Sub-folder support for Model Repository plugin

Started by sean.egan, December 11, 2018, 16:21:05 PM

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We've been looking at using the Model Repository plugin to store/share models via Git.
It appears that each model needs to have its own git repo.
Is it possible to have more than one model inside a single git repo (in some sub-folders)?
i.e. repo/model1 repo/model2, etc.

Thanks, Sean.

Phil Beauvoir

No, it's not possible for technical and practical reasons. For example, a refresh action ("pull") would update more than one model and the user might then have to manage multiple situations (conflicts, etc) for many models.
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OK. I understand those reasons.

Given that at an enterprise level, you would expect to have multiple models. What would be a good way to enable a team access them?
I'm concerned cloning tens of repositories would become cumbersome for architects/developers to manage.


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


In fact at enterprise level I wouldn't expect multiple models, or at least not that much. Being able to collaborate means that you can maintain a large scope inside one, big, model. In addition, the new version of plugin adds support for branching, meaning that you can work on project related changes in isolation before merging them into the current state architecture branch (ie. master).


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Hi Sean,

May I suggest you give a try to the database plugin that allows to store models in a central SQL database. It does not have branches, but still manage versions of models and all their components. In addition, it also allows to share components (event full views) between models.

To install it, please download the JAR file ( in Archi's "plugins" folder.

You'll find more details in the Github wiki or in the plugin help files that can be accessed through Archi help mechanism.

Best regards