Performing Paste action to a new model while keeping relative references

Started by Jose-Carlos, March 15, 2019, 11:32:43 AM

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on a source model, I have a view with two representations of the same element (by reference).
When I copy/paste it to a new model, it creates 2 new objects instead of one with twice the same representation (like in the source model).
I tried with copy and copy paste option. It's the same behavior.

Is there a way to keep these relative references when I copy/paste it to another model?

Phil Beauvoir

No, due to the way Copy/Paste is implemented at the moment. Ideally, this wouldn't be the case, and it could be something we could change in a future update.

Perhaps a workaround for now is to not copy the second instance (or instead delete the pasted extra one), then copy and "paste special" that one. Probably not ideal if you are copy/pasting many objects, but the fix is not trivial to implement.
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