Problems while Installation of Database plugin of Archi

Started by Prasun, March 17, 2019, 23:32:02 PM

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Dear All,

I am new to Archi and trying version 4.3.3.(windows 64bit)
I tried to use the database plugin of Archi as below:

1. I downloaded
2. copied to the installation folder:  C:\Program Files\Archi4\plugins
3. Restarted Archi(Run As Administrator)

But the database options do not appear in the import & export nevigations. Also I find there is no preferences to configure database. (btw I face similar problem for Form plug-in also) . Generally the collaboration plugin works for me (the one which i can install from the UI)

I understand many people are using this plugin as I find lot of comments. Is there really something fundamentally wrong I am doing for installation ?

Please suggest.


Hi Prasun,

Generally, this error arises when the JAR file is corrupted (ie. when the file has not been downloaded correctly from GitHub). Usually, re-downloading the file solves the issue.

Please verify the file size, it should be 20.684.800 bytes.

If thefile size is correct, you can get the error message on the Java console, ie. run "archi.exe -consolelog".

Please let me know.

Best regards