Newbie and Thank you

Started by Boikanyo, June 23, 2019, 12:30:49 PM

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Hi Phil, JB and all contributors!

I am new (registered since 2018). Since certifying TOGAF, I have not been consistent in the use of Archi until about two months ago. There is a lot I am learning and getting used to, with Archi. I am enjoying working with it. Only a week ago, I succeeded in exporting my model to a database (using oracle xe 12c). Today, I browsed and downloaded canvases from the "Share your Models, Templates and Reports".

With all the work that has gone into Archi and various shared content, I am grateful and would like to express my gratitude. I hope I can also contribute to the growth and development of this community, the use of the tool and sharing.

I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Government, especially local government services (municipalities) are my focus.

Boikanyo aka BBK

Phil Beauvoir


thank-you for your thank-you. :-)

It's nice when the Archi & ArchiMate community help each other. :-)


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